Dating Scam WARNING!d

This web site has been set up to warn all men against joining as everything connected with this site is Fake


I joined the SINGLE-BALTIC-LADY site as as spontaneous action when I came across an add for it without thinking much about it or doing any research beforehand. Already on my first day I realized I was being scammed by some of the women I received messages from as some of these were pretty obviously not genuine. At that point in time however I thought the scammers were only a subset of women on the site which is exactly what these sites want you to believe. Later on when I realized that every letter I had received was in fact a scam I almost left the site as most men do at the time of this realization but I was quite curious as to how the inner workings of this type of scam operation worked and I am lucky to be in a financial situation where the expenses are of relative little importance for me so decided to investigate it a bit further by staying on the site while minimizing my expense doing so. 

One of the things that prompted me to set up this web was the scattered nature of the information available on the web and the misconceptions commonly expressed by disillusioned former clients which actually in some cases help these date scamming sites in convincing others that they have at least partial legitimacy.

For example during my research I found many examples of former clients outing individual lady scammers. While this may prevent the unsuspecting man getting scammed by that particular lady then it also indirectly hints that these are a exceptions i.e. that there are a few rogue seeds in between a bunch of genuine ladies on these sites when in reality this is not the case. The fact is that these sites operate a sophisticated scamming operation and are actively supporting and even carrying out a lot of the scamming themselves. While it's impossible to say that every one of the ladies are scammers then the vast majority and indeed likely all are. There may be a genuine lady there who somehow got lost and ended up on these sites but they are very few and far between and your chances of finding a woman on SINGLE-BALTIC-LADY with genuine romantic intentions are likely smaller than winning the big price in the lottery. Suffice it to say if you are looking to find someone to share your life with then you are better off doing it elsewhere than SINGLE-BALTIC-LADY and its sister sites.

Please note that I do not provide any individual assistance for anyone who has been scammed by SINGLE-BALTIC-LADY as I am too busy with my life in general. 

After I had smartened up things ended well for me. I joined a couple of genuine dating sites and met some really nice genuine ladies as well as one scammer (who was subsequently banned from the site). Around that time I was contacted by an Ukrainian woman who wanted to meet me whom as it turned out was one SINGLE BALTIC LADY employee that had been writing letters on behalf of one of the SINGLE BALTIC LADY profiles of a women that I previously thought I was writing with. I chose not to take her up on he offer though. In the end I met a woman that I am now together with and we now also have a little baby boy. The irony is though that I did not meet her on one of the genuine dating sites but rather via a news site that had a debate about the war in Donbass which I participated in. My interest for the situation in Donbass was actually also the reason why I originally came across SINGLE-BALTIC-LADY when it appeared via Google Adds while I was searching for news on the war in Ukraine