This web site has been set up to warn all men against joining as everything connected with this site is Fake  Dating Scam WARNING!d


Luckily there are sites that are genuine dating sites where the women generally are there for the same purpose as you are.

I have not listed these on my site as I want to avoid accusations of trying to generate business for these sites so you will have to find these elsewhere on the net and can do so on a number of forums dealing with online dating in Russia and Ukraine.

There are a few general rules though to follow to determine if the site is genuine:

1) If the site want's you to PAY FOR EACH letter opened then STAY AWAY from it as it is definitely a scam

2) If a site want's you to pay a monthly fee with no additional fee per letter then it is more likely to be genuine

3) If you only see professional photos of very beautiful younger women and no ordinary women then the site is likely to be a scam

4) If you get bombarded with letters from much younger women than yourself then the site is also likely to be a scam.

5) If the women on a site insist on you using the web site travel services when arranging a meeting then be quite careful as a scam is also likely involved

Remember there are many many different kinds of dating scams going on in Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere in the world. A lot of these do not involve being charged per letter but instead milk the mark (you) in many other ways such as presents, travel arrangements, interpreter fees etc etc.

Even the genuine sites have scammmers, prostitutes and gold diggers on them. These sites generally try to rid themselves of these type of "ladies" who will often try to lure you to a pay per letter scamming site or ask for money (the helping hand scam) or try and milk you during a personal visit and prostitutes who are there to seek new clients. The gold diggers you will have to deal with yourself as you would in any ordinary dating situation